some memes I want to insert into your consciousness...

Touch is Good for You! - The importance of caring, non-violent, non-sexual touch from people besides immediate family is just starting to be recognized by Western science, even as the US culture runs touch out of the schools and places of work. Some tribal cultures have known this for a long time, as Jean Leidoff wrote about in The Continuum Concept. Two other good sources of info on touch are A General Theory of Love and Job's Body. Sex- and eros-positive touch are good, too!
- This one's from reading books like the above and given emphasis from my own experiences with depression. When I'm not touching and being touched, I've been more likely to enter a downward spiral of mood and emotion.

Babies in the Cabinet - What if each of the attendees of Cabinet Meetings of the US President had a baby cradled in their arms as they met, discussed and decided? What kind of choices would they make when the children who really do have to live with the results of those decisions are in the same room? What if this was extended to the boardrooms of major corporations. Would Love Canals and Bhopals still happen when the CEOs could see their kids at the same time they're considering making poisons?
- As far as I can tell, I came up with this one

Hugs at the UN - What if each meeting of the UN started with every delegate greeting and hugging all of the other delegates? And I don't mean a quickie A-frame or big-squeeze&pound-on-the-back hug, I'm talking about a gourmet, full-body hug like those encouraged by the Body Electric School or Humaniversity. Alternatively, how about using the Maori tradition of pressing noses and sharing life breath?
- This meme is from Veeresh

Got Shunyatta? - A Buddhist joke about nothing.
- This meme is original, I came up with it sometime in 2005.